Krakow Film Klaster

Man of Marble at the When East Meets West Forum

Monday February 7, 2022

Film Krakow production as the only one from Poland, having defeated over 400 applications from all over the world, got into the prestigious Co-production Forum section of the 12th edition of the program. This year’s edition of When East Meets West will take place on January 24-28, 2022, in the hybrid formula. The event will include two modules – the first one taking place in Trieste during the film festival and the second available on the digital platform of the WEMW Digital Universe event.

“Man of Marble” is a bittersweet story about love and struggle. Rummy fights for the love of Magda and her son Frank, while facing alcohol addiction. Magda, his ex-partner and very young mother, needs to mature quickly to be able to look after their baby. Together, will they manage to break out of the family circle of alcoholism and give Frank a better life? Katarzyna Kuca and Aneta Zagórska are responsible for the production.

Aneta Zagórska producer of the film directed by Szymon Kuriata won the EAVE PRODUCERS WORKSHOP AWARD at When East Meets West. Congratulations to the whole team working on the film.