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We invite small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the Malopolska Voivodship to participate in the project entitled “FILM MAŁOPOLSKA (2019-2022)”. We are looking for companies that operate in the film industry and plan with us to expand their activities through international expansion. As part of the project, we organize study visits, during which SMEs will be able to present their business offer, establish contacts with contractors from abroad.

1. MIFA – The International Animation Film Market podczas Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmu Animowanego w Annecy, Francja
Date: 15-20.06.2020
Deadline: 5 march 2020, 15.00
Places: 2
We provide: flight, transfer from / to the airport, accommodation, meals, insurance, industry accreditation

2. Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity w Cannes, Francja, 
Date: 22-27.06.2020
Deadline: 5 march 2020, 15.00
Places: 2
We provide: flight, transfer from / to the airport, accommodation, meals, insurance, industry accreditatio

3. Film Industry Office  –  Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy w Odessie, Ukraina
Date: 13-18.07.2020
Deadline: 5 march 2020, 15.00
Places: 2
We provide: flight, transfer from / to the airport, accommodation, meals, insurance, industry accreditatio


Click below to download the mendatory documents:

Applications and all questions should be directed to:
Bożena Cerba, 504 063 818


Completed calls:
1. Festiwal Filmów Niezależnych Nowe Horyzonty 2019, Wrocław, Polska
Termin wyjazdu: 29 lipiec – 2 sierpnia 2019 / Liczba miejsc: 3 / Deadline zgłoszeń: 12 lipca 2019
2. Festiwal Filmowy w Sarajewie  / CINELINK INDUSTRY DAYS, Bośnia i Hercegowina
Termin wyjazdu: 18 – 23 sierpnia 2019/ Liczba miejsc: 3/ Deadline zgłoszeń: 12 lipca 2019
3. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy w Wenecji / Venice GAP – Financing Market, Włochy
Termin wyjazdu: 29 sierpnia – 3 września 2019/ Liczba miejsc: 3/ Deadline zgłoszeń: 12 lipca 2019
4.Mia Market, Rzym, Włochy
Termin wyjazdu: 16 – 21 października 2019/ Liczba miejsc: 2/ Deadline zgłoszeń: 25 września 2019

5. Film Festival Cottbus / Connecting Cottbus, Niemcy
Termin wyjazdu: 6-9 listopada 2019 / Liczba miejsc: 2/ Deadline zgłoszeń 10 sierpnia 2019
6. Baltic Event Co-Production Market, Tallinn, Estonia
Termin wyjazdu: 25-30 listopada 2019 / Liczba miejsc:3 /Deadline zgłoszeń: 10 sierpnia 2019
7. European Film Market  – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy w Berlinie /  Berlinale
Termin wyjazdu: 20-26 lutego 2020 / Liczba miejsc: 3/ Deadline zgłoszeń: 18 października 2019
8. Marche du Film  – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy w Cannes/ Francja
Termin wyjazdu: 12-18 maja 2020/ Liczba miejsc: 3/ Deadline zgłoszeń: 13 lutego 2020 

Podmioty realizujące program to:

Krakow Film Commission has been operating in the structures of the Krakow Festival Office since 2008. The main task of KFC is to support film production in the City of Krakow and the Małopolska Region. It helps in obtaining all required permits as well as access to public locations throughout the region. Krakow Film Commission coordinates contacts with offices, the police, municipal guards, fire brigades and many municipal institutions. Thanks to its vast experience, is able to quickly and efficiently carry out official formalities and complicated procedures. Works with filmmakers on almost all stages of production. Thanks to a location database, producers can get acquainted with hundreds of potential film places throughout the entire region. It also runs a database of the local companies related to the audiovisual sector, providing support eg. on the set, in the technical segment and post-production.
Krakow Film Commission also operates the Krakow Regional Film Fund, financed from the budget of the Municipality of Krakow and the budget of the Małopolska Region.

Krakow Film Commission is a member of:

  • EUFCN – European Network of Film Commissions
  • Cine Regio – European network of regional film funds
  • AFCI – Association of Film Commissioners International
  • KIPA – The Polish Audiovisual Producers Association

The OFF CAMERA Foundation is the organizer of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema, which continues the tradition of organizing the Festival in its classic form, dedicated to viewers from Cracow, Małopolska, and abroad and consisting of film screenings, meetings with filmmakers, and lectures on their work. Mastercard OFF CAMERA is amongst such major events in this part of Europe. Record-high awards and the promotion of independent cinema make this event stand out on the global festival map. The “Pathfinders” Main Competition is the key part of the festival, during which ten first or second films from around the world compete for the Cracow Film Award worth USD 100,000, awarded by the International Jury. The event attracts the hottest names from the world of films and series. Since its very beginning, the OFF CAMERA Foundation has been supporting independent cinema and filmmakers, giving young film adepts the opportunity to take their first steps in the film industry. As part of the annual Mastercard OFF CAMERA festival, the foundation co-organizes ‘#63PL’ – a competition for amateur filmmakers, ‘SCRIPT PRO’ – a competition for young scriptwriters, and ‘PRO INDUSTRY’ – a cycle of industry meetings, as well as SerialCon. The goals of the Foundation are the support, development, and promotion of all forms of artistic creation, and the distribution thereof, with special emphasis on independent art, music, audiovisual and film creation.

About Małopolska. Film Region

The main goal of the Małopolska. Film Region project is a promotion of this area and its film potential.

The promotion will take place by increasing the international activity of the regional SME from the film sector and the service sector in the industry (logistics, transport, etc.). The project has a regional character. Support will be granted to Małopolska SMEs with knowledge and competences allowing to offer competitive services on an international scale.  The location values of Małopolska will also be promoted – as the location of the film production. The implementation of the goal will be possible thanks to the actions taken by 3 entities: Krakow Film Klaster as the Project Leader, the Foundation OFF CAMERA and the Krakow Festival Office (Krakow Film Commission) as Project Partners.

  • The project timing 01/07/2019 – 30/06/2022
  • Total value of the project: PLN 10,912,053.29
  • Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 8 517 432.73
Start projektu Filmowa Małopolska _2019