Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Iwona Meus-Jargusz, Marek Gajczak

Screenplay: Iwona Meus-Jargusz

DOP: Marek Gajczak

Editing: Marek Gajczak

Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Production : Krakow Film Klaster

Executive producer: Barton Film

Co-producer: Barton Film

Co-financing: Juliusz Słowacki Theatre

Genre: Documentary

Premiere: Poland 2015

Viatoris – a philosophical road movie leading the Protagonist and his artistic actions from Eastern Europe [Siberia] to the West [Berlin]. Piotr Jargusz, a painter from Cracow, and his unconventional paintings and equally unconventional street-art exhibitions are a pretext for telling an important story about seeking one’s artistic identity. They are a reflection on the world and man, an observation of history and the world. The road is the goal itself. The road is marked with paintings, meetings and stories, the internal conflict of an Artist who says about himself: I think in a western way, I feel in an eastern way and so I stand astride between the east and the west, me and my paintings with me.