Krakow Film Klaster

Total loos

Dir: Jagoda Madej

Screenplay: Jagoda Madej

DOP: Michał Sosna

Editing: Marek Kucharski

Make-up: Katarzyna Warchoł

Set design: Kazimierz Madej

Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Production : Krakow Film Klaster

Co-production: WIDZI A NIE MA , MX35, Lighthouse Guru,

Executive producer: WIDZI A NIE MA

Co-financing: Polish Film Institute

Partners: Krakow Technology Park - Multilab, Krakow Film Foundation, Krakow Festival Office, Lassota Law Firm

Genre : Feature film

Premiere: Poland 2018

Cast: Ewa Skibińska, Kajetan Wolniewicz, Maciej Półtorek, Katarzyna Chlebny, Zygmunt Józefczak, Jerzy Światłoń

Her day is organised in minute detail. Up to a moment when things get out of hand. Her son dies in a car accident. Alice would like to be still but she can’t. She has nowhere to go but has to keep moving. She grasps the last thread connecting her to her lost life and starts out on a search. Is there a new life at the end of it?