Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Igor Kawecki, Betina Bożek

Screenplay: Igor Kawecki, Betina Bożek

Animation: Betina Bożek

DOP: Marek Gajczak

Producers: Aneta Zagórska, Robert Sowa

Production: Krakow Animaton Center, Krakow Film Klaster

Co production: Krakow Festival Office

Genre: Documentary Animation

Premiere: 2021

Runtime: 15'

“There was a shoemaker” is a documentary and animated story about an inconspicuous shoemaker’s workshop in Krakow’s Kazimierz. An old shoemaker, Mr. Andrzej, is creating another work in the comfort of his studio. The shoes he made by hand are not only his passion and profession but an escape into the world of colorful and magical fantasy. Unexpectedly, his shoes come alive. With a sense of humor and nostalgia, they play together as actors in the shoemaker’s “tango de amor”