Krakow Film Klaster

The Perfect One


Script: Mário Cunha

Based on : Magdalena Stachula "The Perfect One"

Production : Krakow Film Klaster, Ukbar Filmes

Producers: Aneta Zagórska, Pandora da Cunha Telles, Pablo Iraola

Genre: TV series, Thriller

Runtime: 8 episodes x '45

Ana and Adam’s ideal life in Krakow changes irrevocably when the couple starts trying to have a child.
Unsuccessfully. Ana becomes obsessed and focuses on the fertility treatment led by her gynecologist – Dr. Marta. But Ana’s paranoia slowly destroys her relationship with Adam, who starts a mysterious romance. Moving further and further away from each other, on the verge of madness, Ana begins to watch through the web cameras her old boyfriend Thierry – the painter living in Lisbon. Their paths will cross again. Ana travels to Portugal. But someone follows her and knows every step of her way…

The Perfect One is a psychological thriller about the obsession of revenge that you could kill for.


Script inspired on psychological thriller – bestseller – THE PERFECT ONE by Magda Stachula.