Krakow Film Klaster

The End of Natalka's World/ Koniec świata Natalki

Dir: Anna Urbańczyk

Screenplay : Anna Urbańczyk

DOP: Aleksander Krzystyniak, Maciej Kochajewski

Production: Film Krakow

Genre: Documentary

Runtine: '52

The End of Natalka’s World” is a documentary, seen through the eyes of a child, about a great flood and rebirth, which happens thanks to a unique community that rebuilds its world. Natalka lives in a small town in Silesia. Here she has friends, favorite neighbors, beloved family, well-known places, and even a tame cow. Suddenly, things begin to disappear from her village, people, and finally houses and streets. Natalka learns that the entire village will soon be flooded. A flood protection reservoir will be built in its place and the town will be moved to another, safe place. The buildings can be rebuilt, but will they be the same houses, the same places important to Natalka?