Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Simao Cayatte

Screenplay: Simao Cayatte

DOP: Bartosz Świniarski

Producer: Ukbar Filmes (Portugal)

Co-poducers: Krakow Film Cluster, Good Fortune Filmes (France)

André lives with his father in an old house in a remote area. The boy does,t go to school. When father brings a prostitute home, André escapes to the only house in the neighborhood where Sandra lives. The woman is reluctant to make friends, but when André knocks again the door, she decides to help him. When André is abandoned by his father,the only person he can count on is Sandra. A woman lying, that she is on vacation, struggles with alcohol problems and difficulties in raising a daughter. André wants to find his father with all his strength. For Sandra’s relationship with André is a stimulus to face her own problems.