Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Marek Gajczak

Screenplay: Julia Ramos Puente, Dror Noi, Marek Gajczak

DOP: Marek Gajczak, Dariusz Jarzyna

Editing: Aleksandra Idzikowska, Igor Kawecki

Animation: Igor Kawecki

Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Production: Krakow Film Klaster

Co-producer: Monika Sobańska, Oscar Argumosa Sainz

Executive producer: Barton Film

Genre: Documetary

Premiere: Poland 2019

The premise of the film and the book is to disseminate the holistic method of creating projects called “Dragon Dreaming”. This tool was created in the 90s in Australia and is inspired by the culture of Aborigines, the indigenous people of this continent. Dragon Dreaming’s innovation is based on a holistic approach to problem-solving, flattening the team management structure and the Win-Win-Win philosophy as the foundation for any activity.