Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Aleksandra Świerk

DOP: Marcin Łaskawiec

Editing: Ziemowit Jaworski

Producer: Aneta Zagórska, Joanna Szymańska

Production: Krakow Film Cluster, Shipsboy

Co-production: Cinelight, Cinerantal, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe,

Co-financing: Polish Film Institute, Krakow Regional Film Fund

Partners: Krakow Technology Park - Multilab, Krakow Film Foundation, Krakow Festival Office, Lassota Law Firm

Premiere: Poland 2018

Genre: Feature film

Cast: Dominika Bednarczyk, Jagna Górniak

An intimate story about mother and daughter, mourning and acceptance. Closed in four walls, a subtle psychological drama inscribed in Polish reality. It’s been six months since Veronica’s father died. Women deal with sudden loss in a completely different way. They live under one roof, but side by side. Only when they are forced out of the unbearable routine, forced to confront each other, can they finally talk honestly.