Krakow Film Klaster


Dir: Paulina Jaklik

Screenplay : Paulina Jaklik

Animation: Paulina Jaklik

Producers: Robert Sowa, Aneta Zagórska

Production : Krakow Animation Center, Krakow Film Klaster

Co-financed: Polish Film Institute

Runtime: 8'

Aha, the hidden boundary of the garden in the form of a deep ditch, moat or terrace fault, preventing it from crossing, but not obstructing the view of the garden. In the idyllic garden like a fairy tale or from Renaissance image, its only resident goes for a walk. This innocent exploration leads him to discover the sad truth – when he first stumbles over Aha. The film is about the collapse of the worldview, when we discover what is hidden under our feet. About the clash of fairy tales with cold truth – it is possible that about growing up, about cold shower, which we get when we collide our comfortable everyday life with cold truth. The film was inspired by the idea of British and French Baroque gardens – where oh was supposed to be the border of the garden preserving the sense of its boundlessness.