Krakow Film Klaster

Post-production HUB

Post-production HUB offers the best complex postproduction service, team and facilities based in Krakow, Poland.

  • post-production services
  • co-production
  • minority production at post-production



  • editing,
  • VFX effects 
  • full DI proces 
  • conforming  
  • color grading
  • language version,  credits, subtitles
  • deliverables


  • sound supervising
  • sound editing, designing and mixing
  • field recording, foley and ADR recording
  • 5.1 predubs and final mix


Independent producer. 2015 – 2018 head of Multilab: a postproduction studio at Kraków Technology Park (KTP). He was a producer for Nolabel studio, Film Commissioner at the Krakow Film Commission and was associated with the Film Spring Open Foundation, Sławomir Idziak – the organizer of the largest independent film and multimedia workshops in Poland. He worked in Warsaw on the production and postproduction of commercials, video clips, and other multimedia projects.
Producer Marcin Lech
Film producer. In 2003 she founded the film studio Barton Film, carrying out documentary and feature film projects as a lead producer or executive producer. Her initiative leads to the 2015 appointment of the Krakow Film Klaster. In 2016 she initiated the program Małopolskie Studio Debiutów (Małopolska Debut Studio) supporting young film creators in making their film debuts.
Producer Aneta Zagórska
Colourist/DI Consultant with 12-year career. He leverages a blend of creative and technical talents coupled with an in-depth knowledge of colour-management process, colour grading and specialising in Digital Intermediate Workflow. He’s belives colour design, grading should be integrated into the initial production creative process with developing a pipeline that centralises colour management of a film from onset dailies, including color control of VFX plates through to deliverables.
COLOURIST / DI CONSULTANT Glen Castihno IMDB MeettheColourist
Member of Motion Picture Sound Editors, Polish and European Film Academies. Worked on over 100 feature films, including Polish blockbuster movies: The Coldest Game, Gods, The Art of Loving, The Red Spider, Double Trouble,and American movies Arbitrage, Sun Belt Express, Indian movies, and European co-productions: Loving Vincent Italian film Sole, Romanian art-house movies and Polish-Finnish animated movie Moomins and Winter Wonderland. Nominated to international sound awards.


CC Room / Cinema room

  • Cinema Room workstation runs on Linux with dedicated DotHill AssuredSAN working data storage arrays for processing materials in 2K resolution. The station is a scalable color correction/grading system offering acceleration based on 4 Geforce 780i accelerating cards (GPUs). It also features RED Rocket X card supporting processing material from Red cameras.
  • You are welcome to work choosing from two modes of viewing video and film materials, supported by a 42” Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 and Barco DP4K-P reference postproduction projector with a 5.30m × 2.85m cinema screen offering viewing your material in 2K resolution.
  • Control of color correction software makes use of a 3-module Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel. The Cinema Room with the color correction station can be made available as a Screening Room for reviewing material/film and private screenings.
  • MULTILAB studio based in Krakow Technology Park

DI Supervisor Room

  • The supervisor room uses an Apple MacPro with a 4-module Tangent Control Panel with a 42” High Performance Broadcast LC Display from HD2line for viewing.
  • Both stations (CC Room and Supervisor Room) are connected to the same data storage, and the sharing of projects between the two stations is managed by an appropriate Metadata Indexer server.
  • After the completion of the project, you can receive your deliverables in the following output formats: DCP master, DCP master with subtitles or dubbed in another language, Master DVD, Blu-ray, QT ProRes raw file
    MP4, QT file, DCDM file

Sound Mind Studio

  • The facility consists of four editing rooms, specialized for different parts of the sound postproduction process. Huge library of 8+TB sound effects, with a big part of unique, our own recordings comes from the passion of recording new, dedicated sounds and finding our own voice for each film we work on.
  • The studio based on ProTools Ultimate system is equipped with a big collection of tools for recording all kinds of sound effects. We are taking care of all sound postproduction process: supervising, editorial, design, field recordings, 5.1 predubs and final mix.
  • Our biggest room is 50 sq meters suite, equipped with JBL surround speakers and 3,5m widescreen, which makes it a very comfortable place for sound designing, mixing and previews


General contact +48 506 489 404
Producer Marcin Lech